Condominiums management service

CHARIB® cares with customer service.
In 1993, the founder of CHARIB® managed his first condominium. We are managing condominiums for a long time! So, we know what our customer wants and we know how to satisfy his/her needs.
That is why we developed different plans of services. This way, we can satisfy the needs of each home owner association.
Below, we present (briefly) each standard plan of service. But we can also prepare a non-standard plan of service to your condominium if needed.
Do you know that CHARIB® was the first and still the only condominiums management label to have an Ombudsman? This shows what we think about customer satisfaction!
Because managing condominiums is to manage the most important asset of a family (your house), we follow the principle of transparency. That is why we offer a client area where you can analyse the condominium estimate, its expenses, payments, debts and other relevant information about your property.
CHARIB® has its own training academy where all property managers learn how to manage condominiums.

Assistance plan

Our company does not act as the administrator of a condominium. The condominium is managed by a condominium owner who benefits from our help, knowledge and experience. It is the most economical of all the service plans.

Base plan

We work as the administrators of the condominium, as is required by law.

Base plus plan

This is the same as the Base Plan, although there are more visits to the condominium which allow the condition of the building to be checked in greater detail. The frequency of these visits is agreed with the condominium owners. It is the most popular of our service plans.

Luxury plan

This is the ideal plan for closed condominiums. As well as all the points listed in the Base Plan, the condominium owners have the possibility to enjoy special luxuries such as the permanent caretaker service or the «good morning» service. You will have the luxury that you ask for. You could, for example, have fresh bread or your favourite newspaper delivered to your door in the early morning

House plan

This is another innovative idea from CHARIB®. If you have a holiday house, villa or estate and are looking for someone to take care of it, or if you simply do not have enough time available to do this, let us deal with it for you.

Commercial plan

This plan is specifically for commercial areas.

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