Franchise: what do we do?

CHARIB® is a franchise network dedicated to the management of condominiums and property maintenance (minor building maintenance, cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance).

CHARIB® also has a brand of cleaning and pool maintenance products that can be marketed by the franchisee to companies that work with the CHARIB® franchisee company, as well as home owners and third parties.

The franchisor company teaches the franchisee how to manage condominiums by providing initial training and through continuous training, covering the legal, logistical, IT, promotional and commercial components of the business. The franchisor company also authorizes the franchisee to use CHARIB brand while the franchise agreement is in force, provides constant support to the franchisee, clearing doubts about how he should act in certain situations.

Franchisor support

CHARIB® franchisee knows that he always has the technical support and experience of the franchisor company at his disposal. He benefits from a name with credibility and projection and the security of those who have already formed dozens of successful companies! It also benefits from protocols with companies that provide services at special prices to CHARIB® franchisees.

Return on investment

Our franchisees have obtained excellent results from their investment. Some, in less than a year, have acquired or started negotiations to acquire a second area of ​​territorial protection.

Usually, the balance between expenses and income occurs in 6 months. But we also had cases where the break-even point was reached after just 2 months of activity.

If you think that you could develop a master franchise in your country, feel free to contact us!

Summary of contractual conditions

Entry fee (franchisee agreement): € 10,000.00

Royalties: 7% on turnover

Advertising fee: defined annually by franchisees. Currently € 100.00 monthly.

Contract duration: 5 years

Minimum number of people involved in the business: 1

Initial investment: variable, but starting from € 11,525.00 (plus VAT if applicable).

For more information, please contact our franchise department, which will give you access to more detailed information about the franchise network in your country. To do this, simply ask for the information file of our condominium management franchise.

What do our franchisees say about us?

«The objective I projected 4 years ago was to start a business in Franchise. I opted for CHARIB® Condominium Management. So far it has been an excellent bet. I consider it a success and a good deal with the extraordinary help and support of the Franchisor, who guarantees me confidence and security to continue expanding this project.

CHARIB® brand has managed to reach a very high level of knowledge in a short time, with great quality and customer satisfaction, which allows us to continue to win with dignity and quality. I hope that this network will continue to achieve high levels of business both at the national and international levels. »

Filomena Pereira – Caldas da Rainha

«Starting a franchise business was the realization of an objective that we had planned for a long time. CHARIB franchise has brought “added value” and security to this objective, since constant support and training has allowed us to enter and win. »

Arminda Martins – Queluz

«The bet on CHARIB® Condominium Management has so far been an excellent option and a guarantee of success. With this franchise, we can quickly achieve a very good performance and quality of service, which means that we are recognized by all those with whom we work. The support given at any time by our Franchisor also allows us to guarantee rigor, quality and transparency in our work methods, satisfying our client. »

Ricardo Figueiredo – Odivelas

Franchise awards

Since 2008, CHARIB® has been awarded prizes for the quality of the service provided by its franchise. Below, you can see the awards obtained since then and which attest to the quality of our franchise.

The referenced awards refer to the TOPs in Portuguese franchise and were organized by Negócios & Franchising magazine. It is an independent organization that intended to reward the brands that had the best quality in the service provided to its network.

From the moment CHARIB assumed the presidency of ANFranchising – National Franchise Association and the organizing entity became an associate of ANFranchising, for ethical reasons, we did not compete again for franchise awards.

In 2016, with the departure of the presidency of ANFranchising, CHARIB returned to compete for franchise awards, obtaining the first place in the M category for CHARIB Condominiums Management and the second place in the S category for CHARIB IMOBILIÁRIA (Real Estate).

2017 was the last year in which Negócios & Franchising magazine awarded franchise awards.

The conclusion that can be drawn from the analysis of this path is that CHARIB has presented a constant progression until reaching the top with regard to the quality of the service it provides to its franchisees.

20172nd place of M category (networks between 16 and 50 franchisees)


Franchise awards of 2016 - 1st place - CHARIB

1st place – Best brand of M category (networks between 16 and 50 franchisees)


Award of 2013 TOP5 Franchise finalist 100x94px

Finalist of TOP 5 of all franchise networks


Award 2012 TOP3 Franchise finalist

Finalist TOP 3 of franchise networks with less than 50 franchisees


Award 2011 TOP10 Franchise 6th place 100x100px

6th best franchise in Portugal


Award 2010 TOP10 Franchise 7th place

7th best franchise in Portugal


Award 2009 TOP10 Franchise 7th place

7th best franchise in Portugal

The best of Portuguese origin

Only condominiums management brand in TOP 10


Award 2008 TOP10 Franchise 10th place

10th best franchise in Portugal