Welcome to Condominiums Management Franchise CHARIB

CHARIB® is a multinational franchise chain of companies involved in the management, administration and maintenance of properties, in particular condominiums management. We started in Europe, in Portugal to be precise, and today we have expanded our presence to other countries in Europe and America.

We have the advantage of experience gained since 1993. Our daily objective is to give the client quality service, guaranteeing that the client is completely satisfied with the service provided by CHARIB®, as we know that this is the objective of any owner of property who contracts a company to manage it.

The logic defining the fees for our services is that of making them accessible to most of the population. Protected by the economies of scale that CHARIB® allows, as well as excellent software programs for managing property that reduce our costs, we can offer our clients a high-quality service for a fee similar to that offered by less well-qualified companies.

If you think that you could develop our master franchise in your country, feel free to contact us!